Tips to speed up the Chrome browser on Android

Are you a Android phones user? Do you use the Google Chrome browser on your device?

I do and to be honest there is a lot of functionality but it certainly isn’t the fastest browser out there.

I’ve found a couple of tips that you can use on Chrome to speed it up considerably. These tips will work whether you’re using the beta or regular version of the app.

1 – This first tip allows the browser to use more RAM – up to 512MB from the default 64MB. Obviously you’ll want to check how much memory your phone has first. Open Google Chrome on your mobile device and type the following. You can open this story on your phone browser to make this a simple copy / paste exercise..


Tips to speed up the Chrome browser on Android

2 – The second tip changes how new tabs look. It’s enabled by entering the following into the address bar..


Tips to speed up the Chrome browser on Android

I’ve tried these two commands, and the Chrome browser on Android does perform much faster and is more responsive. There is an increase in RAM usage but it seems like a minor sacrifice given the boost in performance.

As with any tips or tricks you try at your own risk, but do report back to us.

(Via Androidbeat)