EE stop T-Mobile and Orange online sales

It looks like EE have decided to stop selling T-Mobile and Orange contracts online, instead focussing on them in store only from now on.

In fact anyone trying to visit T-Mobile will automatically get redirected to the official EE store and at time of writing the Orange site does work but the store links you once again to EE.

EE stop T Mobile and Orange online sales

On their site EE say


Yes, Orange and T-Mobile plans and phones are still available to buy, just not through our online shops any more. If you’d like to join Orange or T-Mobile, you can still pop into an EE store, ring our EE sales team or check out our official eBay shop for the latest offers.

With EE being pushed as the major brand and pulling out of online sales on the older T-Mobile and Orange brands, how long until all future sales are 4G EE only you have to wonder?