The Travelcard smartphone charger

The Travelcard smartphone charger

The new batch of flagship smartphones are coming out with great battery saving features, but what if you haven’t got a new fancy flagship device, what if your smartphone has a sealed in battery? Which is becoming the norm nowadays.

Well either don’t stray too far away from a power source or carry a battery pack with you, I have an extra battery pack but I normally forget to take it with me or charge the thing up.

Well over on kickstarter I have been watching a battery pack called the Travelcard that I can put in my wallet, to give my phone that emergency boost when it needs it ( as long as I’ve remembered to charge it).

It’s a 1300mAh battery that’s made out of aluminium and credit card sized with either a lighting or usb plug that you can keep with you and give your phone a boost.

I should receive one in May and I’ll put up a full review when it comes, but in the mean time check it out over at Kickstarter