EXCLUSIVE: HTC M8 PAYG pricing on Three

Yesterday we brought you the news live from London of the HTC One M8 launch. The new device also went on sale the very same day in many retail stores across the world.

Three is known for their great data deals plus you can grab a SIM only contract and still keep that unlimited 4G tethering.

However, on asking a couple of Three stores tonight neither had a price to sell the HTC One M8 as PAYG. There was no pricing in store apart from the monthly contract details.

EXCLUSIVE: HTC M8 PAYG pricing on Three

We can now exclusively reveal that stores DO have a PAYG price for the new device – it will set you back £459.99 with a top up.

This is great news as Carphone Warehouse sell for £550 and Phones4U for £529. This is the cheapest there is on the market.