Planning on buying an S5? Have a nose at these

Samsung are trying to grab a bit of the HTC spotlight today by announcing a range of rather nice accessories for the new Galaxy S5. The handset itself will be available to buy on April 11th, so it looks like the new HTC One will be getting a jump on the S5 if rumours are to be believed.

The S-View cover, which has proved popular on other Galaxy devices, will be available in metallic Black, White, Green, Rose Gold and Pink for your new S5. It’ll let you see incoming calls and messages through a little window and has a leather appearance to it. You don’t need to open the cover to listen to music or take a snap.

It’s water and dust resistant and the Galaxy S5 will automatically detect what colour your S-View case is. It’ll then tailor the wallpaper and background to match. You can also add your own wallpaper image if you wish by using a photo stored on your phone.

Also, despite the “Ultra Saving Mode”, Samsung are to offer up a range of charging options, including a wireless charging kit featuring a pad and cover plus a multi-charging cable. One socket for many devices.

More on the press release below. No pricing information as yet though sadly, but they’ll appear on the online store and in Samsung Experience Shops.