Meet the Moto 360

The smartwatch revolution could well be about to explode. We’ve seen the various smartwatches so far, but now the Android Wear project is extending Android to wearables.

This, then, is the Moto 360. There’ll be a live Google Hangout with the lead designer, Jim Wicks, later today. Jim will be chatting about the design of the device and the various features, but here’s a look at the watch in video..

Starting from the summer it’ll be available in the US with other countries to follow. It’s said to be a truly innovative watch which has been “reimagined for the future”. You can get information such as who’s calling you and who’s sent you an email merely by twisting your wrist around. It’ll also give you subtle notifications when anything important happens.

Yes, as you can see here it’s got a lovely round face (no Sophie Ellis-Bextor jokes please) and responds to your voice when you say “Ok Google”. Want to know what the weather is going to be like? No problems, just ask Google via your Moto 360. Want KITT to come screaming around the corner and get you away from the baddies? Err.. it can’t do that yet.

Meet the Moto 360

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