Are you brand loyal?

How many of you lovely readers have a favourite manufacturer or always upgrade to the next iteration of a range, be it the latest iPhone or the latest Galaxy?

If you do, then you are one of a number of loyal upgraders. In the case of the iPhone 76% of the people interviewed with an iPhone had upgraded from the previous model. This info comes via a survey of 3,000 phone users in the USA, UK and Australia carried out by the Wall Street Journal.

Are you brand loyal?

What the survey doesn’t show is why customers chose to upgrade within the same manufacturer or not. In the case of Apple it may be that the person has bought a lot of apps from iTunes and have other iDevices such as an iPad so want to keep everything easily synced across their devices. However, in the case of Android there is no real reason to stick with a manufacturer, you can easily transfer apps and contacts from one device to another, so may be there is an element of brand loyalty to it.

It will be interesting to see how these results are affected over the next year or so with Sony and HTC bringing out some well received devices after some that were less popular, whilst Samsung is getting a little less positive reviews but still leading the way with Android device sales.

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