The latest Samsung Windows Phone gets leaked by the usual suspect

Samsung like to keep their fingers in as many pies as they can, they want the phones to sell at the end of the day and if that means selling a phone running Windows Phone then so be it. I and many others at Coolsmartphone owned the Ativ S and the prospect of an updated version is quite exciting. Well now it’s been pictured and named as the Samsung ATIV SE thanks to @evleaks on Twitter.

There isn’t any mention of spec but I’d expect this to be much like the Galaxy S4, basically it’ll be a quad core Snapdragon 800 quad core device, with 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal memory, removable battery, Micro SD slot, 13MP camera, 1080p display and with a selection of the Samsung specific apps from the store. As usual only really time will tell. The front bezel looks suspiciously like the Galaxy S4 here’s a shot of the one I had briefly.

Which has the same pattern under the glass.

Source – @evleaks