Google Drive – Extra storage now cheaper

Google Drive   Extra storage now cheaper
Using Google Drive? Want more storage? Sure, you could go and get yourself a Chromebook and bag yourself an extra 100GB that way or, you can buy yourself more space. If you get yourself a Google account then there’s already 15GB in there, but now Google have dropped the prices on additional storage.

Prices are all in US Dollars, so for just $1.99 you can now get 100GB. That works out as about £1.20 per month. If you want more storage, you can bag 1TB for $9.99 per month, which is £6.01 per month. Just over £6 for 1TB of storage! Not bad huh? It used to be $49.99 per month (£30.07).

Google Drive   Extra storage now cheaper

What? You want even more? For $99.99 a month (£60.14) you can have 10TB, and you can crank things all the way up to 30TB too, which… is……. a lot.

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