Giffgaff. 4G. It’s happening

Giffgaff. 4G. Its happening
More speed. You want it, don’t you? 4G, yeah. That’s it. You want that in your life, but you don’t want to pay a whole lot of cash for it. Step forward giffgaff, who are about to deliver your 4G fun on a contract-free plan.

Their 4G page shows what you need, and it basically boils down to some coverage (courtesy of O2), a 4G phone and a giffgaff 4G SIM, which you can order.

Now, we had a few problems. First of all we can’t really see a start date, but you can check the 4G coverage, and secondly when we do try and order a 4G SIM it just takes us to the standard SIM ordering page, whereupon it states that we’ve already got a SIM… errmmm…

Anyway. If they do keep the £12 unlimited data plan then it’d be pretty interesting.