Sleep your device when you get home

Sleep your device when you get home
If you use your smartphone or tablet as a sat-nav system you may find that it goes flat when left overnight in your motor. The reason, if you do choose to leave your device in your car and on display (which is usually a bad idea), is that your car stops supplying charge to the cigarette lighter when the engine stops.

My car seems to be slightly different, and chooses to carry on charging whether I stop the engine or not, plus I wouldn’t really leave my device in the car as it’d probably get stolen..

…but… if you do leave your device in your car and it does stop charging when you stop, read on..

Autosleeper ensures that your device goes to sleep when power isn’t getting supplied to it. There’s about 10 paragraphs which detail how the app turns your device off when power isn’t supplied, and how it wakes your device again when power returns. It’ll mean that any music will re-start when you power back and the GPS will kick in again.

The configuration options allow you to decide how many seconds before it’ll shut down and whether you want the device to go to sleep or completely shut down.