Nokia XL Hands on

What side of the fence do you sit on? Do you think the Microsoft-owned Nokia are mad to produce an Android handset? Or is it a clever move.

I was in the first category, but I’m starting to slide onto the other side of the fence after seeing the XL in action today.

Nokia XL Hands on

Yes, deep down, somewhere, it’s Android. The settings screens are a bit of a give-away but Microsoft have “Windows Phone’d” it, giving it an almost Windows Phone interface. Not only that, but all the Microsoft apps and software is on there – Bing, Skype etc etc. Imagine the sheer horror at Google HQ when they pick up this supposed “Android” phone only to see a Windows Phone interface staring them in the face and Bing driving the show. Google Maps? No Sir, it’s Here Maps all the way.

This XL is at the top of the X-Series tree and, when it was shown to us this morning, worked very well indeed, although it screamed “Windows Phone” at us even though it wasn’t. Microsoft are looking to get people “hooked in” with these things, then they can use them as a stepping stone up to the Lumia devices. So, not only are Microsoft earning cash from the royalties Android has to pay, but now they’re using Android to sell more Windows Phone Lumia devices.


Here’s a demo of the XL…