Samsung Gear 2 Neo coming to Three

Looks like Three will be stocking the Gear 2 Neo that was just announced this morning and selling the existing gear at a great low price, even lower when you purchase a Samsung phone.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo coming to Three

The existing Gear used to cost £300, this dropped to £250 and it now seems from March 4th you can pick one up for just £149, or even better just £99 if you buy a Samsung from 4th March.

We are getting hands on with the Gear 2 Neo and the Gear 2 tomorrow at the Samsung event so make sure you come back to check out that.

Considering the new Gear runs Tizen, anyone wanting the original Android version can pick up a bargain in just a few weeks…. hmmm Gear paired with an S5 ;)

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