Three 4G arrives up ‘Anley duck

Stoke-on-Trent. Famous for oatcakes, the potteries and something called “the D road”. Now there’s something else.. 4G!

Three are continuing their roll-out and there’s now coverage in parts of Hanley and beyond.

Adey Watkins has emailed in to tell us..

I tried a speedtest to the Sheffield server and it was a fair old rate.. Coverage is patchy in the city thus far but hope the switch on continues. As I’ve been a heavy “One Plan” user for the last couple of years I will hammering the 4G.

Three 4G arrives up Anley duck

So, next time you’re “goin shop duck” or perhaps around Festival Park or neighbouring Burslem, you can now enjoy some excellent 4G speeds on Three.

Three 4G arrives up Anley duck

Hanley, duck.