Cat photos overtake ‘selfies’

Not too many years ago we were amazed at the thought of having a 1 megapixel camera on our mobile phone. Little did we know where all this was heading.

If you think the current ‘selfie’  craze was big, it seems people sharing cat photos is even bigger!

In fact the latest research from Three and Viral Spiral shows that nearly twice as many cat photos are shared every day against selfie photos.

Cat photos overtake selfies

I have been guilty in taking part in this and my own computer is full of random photos of my own cat. Some get uploaded and shared, some get printed and some stored to be able to look back in time and enjoy in the future.

Oh and I am sure many of you will recognise grumpy cat in the photo above who has become an internet sensation around the world.

The full findings can be found below along with the top 10 cats put in Three’s ‘hall of fame’.