Sure, break my heart, but don’t break my phone

If you have a crafty look at the phones people carry around town then you’re bound to see a few with broken screens. It seems that there’s a fair few of them and, quite often, once it’s broken people don’t tend to fix them. There can be a number of reasons for this, either the cost of the insurance excess or the fact that they’ve got no insurance at all.

Everything is pretty expensive at the moment, so people are tending to cut corners where they can. A new survey by SquareTrade today reveals that over half of Brits don’t protect their smartphones against accidental damage. Plus, with Valentines Day just around the corner, 22% of them state that they’d be more upset about dropping their phone down the toilet than they would be if they broke up with their partner.

Sure, break my heart, but dont break my phone

In our household I’m always the one without insurance, and I never seem to use phone covers. The result is usually a pretty damaged phone. At the moment I’m having particular problems trying to stop it being scratched as it slips out of my pocket when I’m driving and gets wedged down the seat. Without a case the mobile slots into the gap and I can spend ages trying to get the newly-scratched handset out again.
So, with a fifth (21%) of those surveyed revealing that they’ve damaged their phone in the last 12 months alone, European Managing Director of SquareTrade – Kevin Gillan, is urging you to use protection..

Nobody likes a nasty surprise. Accidental damage is by far the most common claim in the UK, so it’s important to have protection in place for when things go wrong.
Lots of warranty providers weasel out of paying accidental damage claims, but we offer a plan that covers against any type of accidental damage with no loopholes, to make sure breakages don’t pose a problem this Valentine’s Day.

It seems that those in a relationship are more likely to use protection, with 52% having smartphone insurance.