Tech 21 Screen Protector unboxing and application

Here we have something that will mess with your head a bit. Tech 21 have now started making screen protectors. They integrate the same tech used in bullet-proof glass. This will help protect your phone from a direct blow and there’s also a self-healing layer to protect against scratches.

Here is a clip of a test they have carried out on a S4 that shows the strength of the screen by throwing ball bearings at it. Yes, ball bearings..

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I have also included a unboxing and application for you to watch. It’s pretty easy to get it fitted..

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If you’re interested in properly protecting your smartphone, have a look at their range of screen protectors, which cost 14.99

Disclaimer – I work for O2 in one of the retail stores and I am writing this article as an interested customer and gadget fan and have been by no means influenced by my employment within the company.