Samsung Galaxy S4 deal on EE – Check before you buy

Samsung Galaxy S4 deal on EE   Check before you buy

After a recent visit to the health food shop (Greggs), I passed this advert for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on EE 4G. Straight from the word go, it looks like a great offer. The “No Brainer” deal offers up the Samsung Galaxy S4 for just £18.99 per month.

A deal eh?

Samsung Galaxy S4 deal on EE   Check before you buy

Well yes, I’ll be honest, it is a good price. Access to the 4G network and a low monthly outlay are both big plus points, but there are a few details to consider. I did, if I’m honest, get a few funny looks as I bent down at the bus stop to get the small print, which is underneath the main ad. The 2-year deal will give you a thousand minutes of talk time per month and unlimited texts, but you’ll only get 500MB of data for this price. Not only that, but there’s a £99.99 up-front cost for the handset, so it might be worth selling your existing one to get some up-front cash.

Whilst 500MB might suit those who spend the majority of time on a WiFi hotspot, it won’t last users who are browsing on the go, so it might be worth asking about the..

– 4G Unlimited talk, unlimited text, 2GB data package – £23.99 per month (£99.99 up front)

– 4G “Extra” plan for “Double speed 4G”, unlimited talk (plus roaming) and unlimited texts. This gives you 4GB per month, but again there’s a £99.99 up-front cost. It’s £26.99 per month.

That up-front cost, although not popular with many upgraders, really helps. As an example, that £23.99 plan above (for 2GB of data) would cost a massive £39.99 per month if you choose to pay just £9.99 up-front instead of the £99.99. So my advice, pay as much up-front as you can and it’ll be a lot less painful per month. Go here for the full details.