Flappy Bird – Is anger the key to success?

To be honest I was in two minds about whether to post this on my personal blog or here. Somehow it’s ended up here. It’s because I have a problem with FlappyBird.

Flappy Bird   Is anger the key to success?

I know, I know. You’re all mentally swearing at the screen right now. I’ve played the game (it’s available on iOS and Android) for precisely 2 minutes, then uninstalled it because I lost patience.

The concept seems easy. You have a bird on the screen and he flies from left to right. Your task is to tap the screen to flap his wings whilst avoiding the obstacles. The maniac developer seems to have set gravity to a crazy level and the bird seems to drop like a stone at the most inopportune moment, causing the bird to crash and you to swear out loud on the bus.

Flappy Bird   Is anger the key to success?

Not only that, but my personal Twitter account (@gears) is now receiving lots of abuse from people playing the game. Why? Well, the developer behind the game is Gears Studios and quite a lot of people think that I’m somehow connected. I’m not. I’m not connected to Gears Of War either, but I get endless abuse from people playing that game too. Here’s a tweet I got from a Flappy Birds player this morning…

Flappy Bird   Is anger the key to success?

..I advised him that my Twitter account had nothing to do with Gears Studios, but the charming gent then continued on with the conversation, which mostly contained words and sentences which were confusing at best. I partially understood that he perhaps wanted to contact the developers, but then – as with many people now – he wanted someone else to do it for him so he could perhaps channel his rage, or whatever it was he was trying to say.

Flappy Bird   Is anger the key to success?

Anyway, I digress.

If you want to play a simple but incredibly annoying game which will end up with you throwing your phone at a wall, download Flappy Birds. Oh, and if you want them on Twitter it’s @dongatory. The Gears Studios company actually appears to bev one guy – an indie game maker from Hanoi in Vietnam,l. He’s probably going crazy at the amount of downloads this game is getting right now.

There you go. That article totally flowed. Real meaning there. Boom. Come on Daily Telegraph, you know I’m your next tech reporter.

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