Windows Phone jumps a percentage point in latest figure

Canalys have released their latest figures and, according to their stats, 998 million smartphones were shipped in 2013. Year-on-year that’s a 44% increase and pretty much matches the numbers that came from IDC but here it’s the breakdown that’s interesting.

Microsoft saw their Windows Phone platform gain one whole percentage point. Now, whilst that doesn’t sound like much, it went from 2% to 3% and shipments increased 90% to 32.1 million last year. The Nokia Lumia handsets, of course, were the main driver.

Windows Phone jumps a percentage point in latest figure

It may seem small, but it’s almost double the number of Windows Mobile handsets shipped in 2007, and that was the best year for the platform.

Android saw their share rise to 78.9% and iOS dipped down to 15.5%. So yeah, Android is whooping everyone, YEAH!

No, not really. It’s basically because Android is present on a truck-load of devices whereas iOS is available on.. less. Windows Phone is sat on 3.6% percent, but had a bit of a soft end to the year as sales dipped a little.

Get more details on the Canalys website.