Android App Review – Focus photo sharing

Don’t you just hate it when you hand your phone to a friend to have a look at a picture you’ve taken and they then start looking through the rest of your shots? Well there’s an app for that now.

Focus photo sharing deals with this exact problem.

The idea behind the app is that you select which photos you’d like people to view using your chosen gallery app and then you share those images to “Focus photo sharing”. The result is that whoever you then hand the phone they’ll not be able to browse around the rest of your gallery.
Android App Review   Focus photo sharing
Android App Review   Focus photo sharing
The app itself doesn’t contain much, just a few settings really, it’s what those settings do that is where the handy stuff starts.
Android App Review   Focus photo sharing

The app does have a few features that are dealt with in the settings part of the app. You can basically set it up to use a PIN code if anyone presses a back button and to play an alarm tone if anyone presses the home button. Which are both signature moves of the typical mobile phone gallery violator.
Android App Review   Focus photo sharing

So far so good, the apps sounds like a solution to an existing problem. Talking of problems, the app does have a problem which is an Android restriction more than a bug in the app. It is to do with the home button, if someone is locked into your small gallery you’ve chosen for them and they hit the back button it pops up with a pin request but if they hit the home button it jumps back to the home screen, it does play a notification sound to alert you but it does sort of circumvent the whole restricted selection of images. The developer is aware of it and mentions this in the Play Store description, it’s basically an Android restriction not allowing apps access to the home button action.

Overall it a decent app that works well and it restricts your annoying friends from digging around in your gallery. The password and notification sounds go to a certain length to alert you if they do try to get past the restrictions, so as long as your nearby you’ll be good. The app itself is free and advert supported so any screens involving Focus will have an advert along the bottom, which as always is a necessary evil. It’s available on the link below.

Google Play Store Link – Focus photo sharing

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