Try Sony’s streaming music for £3

Try Sonys streaming music for £3

There’s a wide selection of streaming music services here in the UK. Some are monthly subscription services and others are free but ad-supported. Now Sony have entered the fight for your listening ears by offering all the music you want for just £1 a month as part of a limited time offer.

Sony Europe wants to make a play for your business. If you sign up to its “Music Unlimited” service before January 31, you’ll be able to enjoy three months of all the tunes you can handle for just £3.

What’s the advantage Music Unlimited has over some of the competing services ? You can get to your music on your PlayStation console, if that’s your thing. There’s a pretty good selection of music, it offers 320 kbps AAC streaming and offline music.

If this sounds interesting, grab the Android app from the Google Play Store here and give it a bash.