Centralize your business contact list easily

Centralize your business contact list easily
A company phone used to be a BlackBerry. In a lot of places it still is, but now there’s more and more people bringing their own devices into the workplace and using them instead. It’s called “BYOD” and those people “in the know” tell me that it’s massive at the moment.

So, if you work at a company that doesn’t necessarily have a big IT infrastructure, it’s definitely worth giving EasyGrouper a try. It’s a central address book that has all your fellow employees stored safely. It’s available for Android or iOS and, if it’s installed on all the phones in your office, you can update a contact and it’ll send that change to all handsets.

You can quickly see the status of all your colleagues (in a meeting / on holiday etc) and you can group them by location or another category. If you work for a larger company then you can add location details and link to a map too, making navigation easy. You can also text or email your group and share documents easily in just a click or two. It starts at $15 per month and you can control it via the online page or the apps.

It’ll integrate with Google Apps too. Watch the demo video below..

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