The Stratus – A wireless gaming controller to get your thumbs twerking

So, we’ve got really good mobile games and we’ve got the odd Android-powered console that plugs into your TV. The latter hasn’t quite taken off as yet, but how about a wireless controller for your iPhone? One that’ll give you the classic gaming experience?

This is the Stratus, a wireless gamepad that you can use with your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can also play on your big TV using the AirPlay Mirroring system via Apple TV, which in effect gives you a console gaming experience and a console gaming controller too. It’s available for £89.99 and there’s a lovely YouTube video below showing a couple of “yoofs” blowing some stuff away on their iPad..

10 hours of battery life, a protective cover, four pressure-sensitive face buttons, four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks, a 4-way D-pad and USB charging are just some of the features. You merely pair the device via Bluetooth and you’re ready to play.

There’s one word of caution though, it does say that the controller works with “supported games” and, when we clicked on that particular section on their website it didn’t bring anything up. If you’re considering one, definitely check which games are compatible first.

Full press release below..