O2 see 62% data increase over New Year

With everyone starting to settle back to daily lives and Christmas and New Year over once again, we start to get figures on how networks handled the ever increasing demand on mobile services.

O2 have given us some information on how they performed.

O2 see 62% data increase over New Year

The information given to us shows:

  •          New Year period 2014 vs. 2013: 62% increase in data use
  •          New Year period 2014 vs. average day: 70% increase in data use
  •          New Year’s Day 2014 vs. New Year’s Day 2013: 58% increase in data use
  •          O2 customers also sent over 385m text messages and made over 200m phone calls

O2 have also stated that it’s 4G coverage now reaches a third of the UK, around 18m people. It’ll be dramatically improved before we celebrate the next New Year period, meaning an even better experience. It will also support better services such as performing video calls with no delay or buffering.

It want long ago that we’d all send our best wishes to family and friends a good hour or so before midnight to make sure they arrived. Thankfully it seems with the introduction of new spectrum, better 3G networks and the new 4G networks this could be a thing of the past with many people having a great network experience over New Year.