Are iPhone users more intelligent?

It’s an often discussed topic as to whether iPhone users are more intelligent than other smartphone users, or the opposite as they need a simpler phone. Well now there is “proof” – iPhone users are more intelligent.

Now before you all head straight to the comments section to moan, I feel I should explain.

Ladbrokes have been running a quiz with a series of 7 brainteasers based on code cracking, sequence prediction and problem solving skills. The subjects were chosen at random from 1000 users of the Ladbrokes mobile app. After a few quick questions about age, sex etc they were asked what phone manufacturer they used and then the test started.

An example question

Are iPhone users more intelligent?

The results show that iPhone users completed the test quickest in an average of 94 seconds, with the fastest overall time belonging to a Samsung owner with 47 seconds. The average times for Apple, Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Blackberry users are shown below.

Are iPhone users more intelligent?


Not sure what happened to Sony, LG (non-Nexus), Motorola, they don’t seem to have been announced, possibly due to being too small a sample size.

If you want to have a go at the test, without affecting the results you can here at the Test of Wits.

Source: Daily Mail

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