Can you fall in love with your phone?

Yesterday I went to watch the Harry Hill Movie. It is, I’ll confess, utterly insane. The kids seemed to like it, although there weren’t a great of laugh-out-loud moments. I was just utterly puzzled about the whole thing and how on earth it had got into a movie.

Anyway, after paying nearly 30 quid for two tickets, some popcorn and a couple of drinks (is it any wonder people pirate movies?) we then sat down to watch 35 minutes of adverts (which is pretty bad to be honest). It kinda serves me right for turning up at the right time, and not 30 minutes into the supposed “start” of the movie, but we at least got good seats.

Can you fall in love with your phone?

I watched a trailer for an upcoming movie called “Her”. It seems to be a very surreal romance involving Joaquin Phoenix, who falls in love with.. his mobile phone.

The movie, I assume, is set in the not-too-distant future. Whilst we’re seeing great leaps in technology currently (Google Glass, voice recognition, self-driving cars and more), I was guilty of shouting..

Oooooo.. straight to DVD that one.

.. after watching this trailer…

I’d love to know your opinions on this. Some of the technology is almost there. We just need voice recognition to work a bit better and we almost have phones that “understand” what we’re looking for. But a phone, or an app, that has full artificial intelligence?

A phone that you actually want to be with in that “special way”?

That’s just a bit weird in my book.

Samantha is apparently an “operating system” that thinks just like a human. Let’s just hope no-one gets anything stuck in those microSD slots.