Merry Christmas Coolsmartphoners !

Merry Christmas Coolsmartphoners !

Hey you lovely lot. It’s Christmas Eve!

As is usual, I wanted to borrow some airtime to wish you all a fantastic festive season and thank you for repeatedly returning to our site. The guys writing the articles, churning out the podcast, tweaking code, reviewing handsets and replying to your mails work tirelessly all year round producing fantastic content, so I want to say a MASSIVE thank-you to them too.

If you’ve think we need to turn the “volume up” on certain parts of the site or tweak other bits down, please do mail me. Likewise, if you’d like to maybe write for the site we’re eager to listen.

We’re still going to be here over Christmas, but – just like you – we’ll be busy unwrapping some new tech and continuing to push on even further and faster towards 2014.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter our huge to win a brand new Nokia Lumia 625. With most people either drunk, hung-over or out shopping, now is your chance to bag the prize! 🙂