Android app review – ScreenshotCleaner

Android app review   ScreenshotCleaner

ScreenshotCleaner is a handy little app for bloggers and developers alike.

As a blogger I take a lot of screenshots on my phone which, obviously, always have the status bar on. This isn’t really a problem, but often it has notifications and icons that are irrelevant and messy, and can detract from the article I’m writing.

The navigation bar is always there too, but rarely needed.

What I could do is load up a photo editing app and crop them manually, but most of the time it’s a lot of hassle, especially on a small phone. However, ScreenshotCleaner looks to take the hassle and unwanted gumph out of my life by removing them for me.

Android app review   ScreenshotCleaner

The app shows all the screenshots on the device at its initial screen, with a button that will quickly fix all.

For more control, just tap a thumbnail and the screenshot will appear with a dialogue box consisting of a slider and other options.

As the slider is moved across the screen, so the status bar on the image becomes greyed out. The further the slider, the less icons can be seen. The bottom tick box removes the navigation bar, if required.

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In the middle of the dialogue box is a file path which cannot be modified. This is for a feature that’s coming soon: the ability to replace the status bar with a custom graphic, so there will be a status bar, but it will be consistent to all screenshots.

This will also give the flexibility to change graphics depending on what version of Android is required. The developer is building a database of different status bars from all stock Android builds, various manufacturers skins, and even popular custom ROMs.

There are minor downsides though, firstly there’s a slight issue with landscape screenshots in that they are obscured by the dialogue box.

Android app review   ScreenshotCleaner

Also, there’s no landscape tablet version, but that’s in the pipeline.

The app was only released last week and is on version 0.5 as I type, so it’s definitely a work in progress. Having said that, it’s incredibly handy and easy to use as it is. It’s certainly going to get a lot of use on my devices!

If you’ve read this far then I guess you’re someone who would want an app like this. In which case I urge you to visit the original thread on xda developers for the Play Store link and further information – ScreenshotCleaner

The developer has just posted that the following features will be in the next release:

* New navigation drawer to display cleaned pictures
* You can Open, Share, Delete cleaned screenshots
* Preference to delete original screenshot after cleaning