Tittat – Share opinions anonymously

Tittat   Share opinions anonymously

Being on places like Facebook and Twitter is all well and good, but you do mostly have to watch what you’re saying about people. The guys at sentzLab have come up with a solution thanks to a unique application called Tittat. Available for iOS it’ll let you find out the real truth about a person through totally anonymous comments. 

It’s a way to find out what people REALLY think when they have the ability to post anonymously. The app lets you see the truth about that person you’ve just met based on the opinions of others. It lets you dig for gossip, learn new information or find a potential new partner.

However, whilst the comments are anonymously there are restrictions on insulting comments, as Nerses Najarian (founder of sentzLab), tells us..

We want to encourage people to think about their actions before they do something shady, because with Tittat anything! even a deep, dark secret, can become public knowledge. While Tittat is a safe and comfortable platform to identify cheaters, swindlers, imposters and other wrongdoers – we encourage users to be accountable for their actions and do not allow the posting of insults, slander, threats or hate speech on the app.

I’ve given it a go and, as you can see, there’s a lot of positive comments and an easy-to-use interface which makes getting around simple and quick.

The app is completely free and, although you login with Facebook credentials currently, your identity is never shared. Go ahead and give it a spin.

Tittat   Share opinions anonymously