Phone Zombie takes an unexpected dip

My lunch break has become increasingly interesting in recent years. I meet new people and literally bump into them as I head out to grab a sandwich. It’s the “phone zombies” – those people who walk down a street staring at their phones. They put walking and avoiding obstacles a bit lower down the priorities list, and it usually results in the odd bump into a person or lamp post.

However, a Taiwanese tourist visiting Australia got a little carried away whilst checking their Facebook profile. The woman walked off the end of a pier – which is a pretty big mistake to make – while checking their updates.

Phone Zombie takes an unexpected dip

Luckily a passing speedboat saved her shortly after, but amazingly the woman didn’t let go of her phone throughout the whole ordeal, keeping it firmly clasped in her hand despite being unable to swim.

So, to summarize. Despite falling off a pier due to her phone, and despite not being able to swim, she kept hold of her mobile. Obviously “staying alive” was a little lower down her priorities after “keeping my mobile dry”.

Mental. More on the BBC News website