Christmas Gift Guide 2013: HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: HexStyli 6 in 1 Stylus

Getting Secret Santa, stocking fillers and table presents for geeks technology lovers can sometimes be a difficult task, but the HexStyli 6-in-1 stylus could be six answers all in one (cue Kinder Surprise jingle – other chocolate eggs are available).

The HexStyli 6-in-1 is not only a bit of a mouthful to say, but also one of those tools that aims to do everything possible with its shape. Picture the scene – the design team are told at a brainstorming session that the company want to sell something that’s about 13cm long and cylindrical. A barrage of suggestions clouds the air:

“Philips screwdriver!”
“Flat blade screwdriver!”
“Spirit Level!”
“Touchscreen stylus!”

“Sod it, let’s do the lot!”

Here’s a quick video to show you what they came up with:

So, how does it handle?

Build quality is excellent, on the whole, although the screwdriver bits don’t feel like they’ll hold up against a rusty old screw. They’ll open those pesky battery compartments on Christmas morning without a problem though.

The two things that this will be used for most is as a pen and a stylus. I liked having both in my hand at the same time, just spinning it over when needing either end (being careful not to use the wrong one on the screen!).

I did find that the squishy stylus tip was a tad small, and if I used it at a slight angle I would hear the telltale click of metal against glass. It didn’t scratch the screen, but it’s important to use it upright to ensure that stays the case.

How accurate the rullers and spirit level are, I can’t be sure. You won’t be building houses with them, but I’m sure they’re adequate for purpose.


As a stylus and a pen the HexStyli works very well. As a multi purpose tool it’s no Swiss army knife, but could still be useful. What it does do well, however, is look good and appeal to the techy bloke who doesn’t need another pair of comedy elephant underpants to unwrap in front of the in-laws.

The HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus is available from Mobile Fun for £9.99 along with other touchscreen styli.