LG announce the marriage of Smartphone and Smart TV

LG announce the marriage of Smartphone and Smart TV

Let’s talk Smart TV’s shall we?

They’re pretty rubbish aren’t they?

I bought one of these, thinking I’d be sitting there with my 3D glasses on watching some movies on Netflix or videos on YouTube. However, by the time the clunky interface has booted and you’ve sat through a loading screen for 5 minutes it’s painful, so you just end up using your smartphone to send stuff wirelessly to the TV instead, which is a lot less painful.

LG seem to be trying to make things a bit better in their TV’s, with the introduction of something called “multi-device communications”. It’ll mean that you can interact with TV games on your smartphone. It’s part of their “AllJoyn” (see what they did there?) open source framework, and means that there’s a common language enabling your smartphone and TV to talk. It’ll mean that devices and apps can communicate with each other, whether those devices are TV, tablets or smartphones and whatever device the apps are running on.

Several smartphones or tablets, each running a completely different OS, can participate in the same multiplayer game on an LG Smart TV. In Mini Motor Racing, one person could steer his or her car around the track using the LG Magic Remote while the other players control their vehicles via the LG Gamepad app for mobile devices. Looking forward, LG will continue to drive future innovation in consumer services that leverage the communication between devices and LG Smart TV’s.

We don’t have a great deal more information from LG, but it does sound like this could be a step in the right direction. If a TV company could make my smartphone game run on their Smart TV while I control it on my smartphone, I’m interested. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 5 minutes to fire up.