Piikki – Keeping track of your expenses easily

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to money. I firmly believe that there’s some magical fairies sitting in my bank account because, even though I try not to spend anything, money seems to leak out all over the place.

If you’re a contractor or regularly have to claim expenses then it can be more than annoying to keep a lid on your expenditure. In the past I’ve been known to have a stash of receipts stuffed into the glove box or side pocket of my car, only to have them fly off somewhere when I open the door. Explaining the added mud as I hand across the crumpled and torn receipts to the boss can be tricky, so I’ve been playing with Piiki recently to try and make the process a little easier. It’s available for iPhone and iPad, plus it’ll be arriving on Android soon too.

Piikki   Keeping track of your expenses easily

The app will let you instantly digitize receipts and archive them with Google Drive, Evernote, Dropdbox or iCloud. You can then simply email and geo-tag receipts to your boss or accountant instantly with the help of a pre-configured email template. Even better, you can print them off via AirPrint should you need a real “paper copy” for attaching to those expenses claims.

The app also includes password protection and a backup / restore function should to protect you from the loss of data. A graph shows you how much you’re spending too, so you can keep an eye on just how much cash you’re splashing around on petrol, food and other items. Everything on the graph is categorized, so it’s easy to see where your money is going and why.

Piikki   Keeping track of your expenses easily

Various currencies are available and we’ve got a video below to show you around the app a little more. It’s available for $3.99.

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