Nexus 5 update to 4.4.1 now live

Nexus 5 update to 4.4.1 now live

Improvements to the camera bugs are the focus this time around

I’m really impressed with my Nexus 5, apart from one thing, the camera, don’t get me wrong the camera can take some quality photo’s, but it takes thought due to slow or sometimes two lots of focusing. I’m not the only one point out these gripes and it appears that Google have been listening too, for the last month or so it appears that they have been working on a update to address these very issues.

Google has officially announced that an update to Nexus devices ( Android 4.4.1 )  that supposedly fixes many of the issues with the Nexus 5’s camera, including poor autofocus and slow capture speeds.

Now is the time to repeatedly keep tapping “check for updates” or if you have no patience waiting for the update to hit your device, you can grab a download of the official file from Google.

Source Android Central

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