Pebble Watch now on Amazon – for a price!

Pebble Watch now on Amazon   for a price!

The best ever Kickstarter project the Pebble Smart watch is now available on Amazon through their marketplace.

Pebble is so far the only cross platform smartwatch, supporting iOS and Android already, with Windows Phone to come (and some limited Windows Phone 3rd party apps available already).  I’m one of the original backers and have the Kickstarter version and absolutely love my Pebble.

Amazon UK is currently listing them with the cheapest at £189. Amazon US however sells them $149.00 and even direct (with free shipping) they’re only (£93). Yes there could be VAT and import duty on that, but the Amazon Marketplace is ranging from £189 – £250 at the moment!

On another point, BBC does air a good programme titled Rip Off Britain!


Source – Amazon

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