GetYounity – Access your computer files on the go

GetYounity   Access your computer files on the go

Right, so these people emailed me twice and they went to all the trouble of making a very swish video showing how their private cloud-based storage doohickey works. No, they did not offer me a job at their company for huge amounts of cash, but the product does appear to be really rather good, so let’s give this some airtime shall we?

Right, so if that just blew past you I’ll try and explain how the whole system works. First, it’s iOS only at the moment but and Android version is in the works. Secondly you’ll need to install a secondary app on your Windows or Mac computer. This will talk to your phone and, if you install it on your work computer, you’ll probably have the network security guys climbing all over your backside. The guys behind Younity say that the “ubiquitous data platform enables data to exist in multiple places, either physically or virtually, simultaneously” and it’s got something to do with quantum entanglement. Don’t ask me.

The end result is a private cloud and you can stream files from your desktop computer. Images, video, files, music – it’s all streamed to your iPhone and you can share it too.

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