Spotify Connect, now on Android too

Spotify Connect, now on Android too
If you love your Spotify thing but want to stream your music over WiFi then… well, don’t. Just get yourself a Bluetooth speaker or something. What? What’s that? You’ve got yourself some flashy WiFi speakers from Pioneer or Bang & Olufsen? Pardon? You’ve got yourself a posh-looking Samsung tablet but the Spotify Connect system is iPhone only? Sorry? Something else? You’ve got a Spotify Premium account?

Ooo.. well, don’t worry your three. You can now get your kicks courtesy of the new Android app, which has fixed all that. You can now stream your music from your posh Android device to your posh WiFi speaker.

Or you could just get yourself a Bluetooth speaker.

OK, I should mention the postives. For this to work, both your WiFi and Android device must be on the same WiFi hotspot and, unlike Bluetooth speakers you at least don’t have to keep pairing the two. Obviously the range is a little better than with Bluetooth too. You can also have many different WiFi speakers and control the whole thing from your phone.

You can give Spotify a try and also give this a go as it’s part of Spotify Premium and there’s a trial system available for free. Then it’s just a matter of playing music via Spotify and it can all be controlled with the extra on-screen controls and the output settings.

Oh, and you know all about Spotify – it’s a way of getting music you like, when you like. You can also create your own playlists and have different ones for each event.