Save our power buttons !

I was having a chat with a guy the other day. It was all a bit weird because he was in one cubicle and I was in another, but we ended up chatting about the power button on our Android phones.

No, really.

So anyway, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. If you’ve got an Android phone which doesn’t have an additional hardware button up-front that’ll wake your device, you’ll have to use that main power button on the top or the right. Here, then, is an app that’ll stop you wearing out that poor little power button. It’s an easy fix – it just turns the screen on when you tilt the device.

Ta daaaa!

Save our power buttons !

OK, OK… wait… waaaaiiiiittt…. I know. You’re all shouting questions at the screen right now. “What about when it’s in my pocket or I knock it?”

Well, this app is raaaaaaattttthhhhherrrr clever. It’ll use the proximity sensor to detect when it’s in your pocket and will turn the screen off. It also has a range of options so that you can tweak your pocket sensor, table sensor, motion sensor, timeout and a whole lot more. All of this should mean that you don’t use any more battery than normal.

Save our power buttons !

Other clever bits include a table sensor which turns the screen off when the phone is flat on a table, plus the fact that it’ll turn screen on by motion if the screen is off and facing up. There’s also the option to stop any of this clever screen on / off stuff when certain apps are running, meaning that you can watch videos with the phone flat on your desk. Amezzin.

So remember. Don’t be too hard on your button. If you sit there giving it a whack every five minutes it’s bound to drop off eventually kids. Give this a spin instead. Boom.

Oh, forgot to say – it’s free, available here and there’s a video below showing it in action.