Nokia music heading cross platform [rumour]

Nokia music is a free music streaming service that allows users to either choose a pre-created playlist from a wide range of themes and musical styles. You can also create one of your own by selecting up to 3 artists and letting the app then choose similar artists to fill the rest of the mix. These mixes can either be streamed or downloaded to a phone for offline listening. Previously it has only been available on Nokia’s Lumia range of handsets, coming soon to the Asha range, and recently opened up to Windows tablet and PC users with the paid for Music+ option.

Nokia music heading cross platform [rumour]

Now it appears that the free version will be coming cross platform, to other web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox as well as appearing on other smartphone operating systems such as iOS and Android in the form of web apps. This appears to contradict the other rumour that once Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia was complete the service would be wound up and incorporated into Xbox music.

However, new leaked training materials would seem to indicate otherwise.

Nokia music heading cross platform [rumour]

This wouldn’t be the first time that Nokia’s exclusive apps have been opened up, with the HERE suite of apps being opened up to all the other Windows Phone manufacturers, with a few premium services reserved for the Lumia range.

Source: CTechcn

Via: Pocketlint

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