Thinking of buying an OPPO phone? Wait a fortnight

Thinking of buying an OPPO phone? Wait a fortnight

If an OPPO phone is top of your list of handsets, you may want to hold fire on that buy button. You see, they’ve sent out an email today saying that they’ll be doing a “Black Friday surprise” offer!


Black Friday, the last Friday in November, is a big Christmas shopping day that has taken on mythical status in the US. As with many hyped up occasions this is now spreading worldwide. This means that we’ll probably be seeing some bargains from a lot of retailers, but OppoStyle have decided to tease us now (and kill their sales for the next couple of weeks in the same breath!).

They’re not saying too much, but they’ve put a page live on their website that will reveal their special event at midnight on Friday 29th of November “sharp”.

So, now you know to keep your credit card in your pocket and sit with the refresh button to hand as Black Friday commences.

Source – OppoStyle