Justin Bieber wants you to have a selfie

Justin Bieber wants you to have a selfie
Yes, I am actually writing this. I can see my fingers moving but the fact that it’s actually forming a story is rather strange.

A selfie is, from what I’ve seen, a shot of yourself that you take either …

a) From above by extending your arm and looking up
b) Pouting somehow and trying to look cool / sexy
c) After you’ve just put loads of make-up on
d) You’re trying new clothes that are revealing / flattering

..or a combination of these. Now Mr Justin Bieber, that lad who sings a bit and creates press attention merely to boost his career (and we’re looking at you too Miley Cyrus), has released an app.

He didn’t code it of course. I mean, I’m not saying that he doesn’t have the necessary “skillz, innit” to develop one, but he’s probably far too busy “enjoying his stardom” (someone made me re-write that last bit).

Justin Bieber wants you to have a selfie

His app was launched after he became “annoyed” by other selfie-creating platforms. He obviously isn’t a fan of cameras, so this whole product is confusing the flip out of me right now. Anyhow, it’s called “Shots Of Me” and available for the iPhone and it’s basically Instagram but with a lot of cash creative juices from Mr Bieber.

You can download it for free here. It lets you take a pictures of yourself (like your current smartphone camera does) and share it (like your current smartphone does) and you can select a selfie shot (like your current smartphone album) and others can follow you and post comments, but apprently this particular app is different because it doesn’t have features that “create negativity”.

Ugh.. I need a coffee.

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