Cyanogenmod Installer is now available

The thought of Rooting, unlocking bootloaders, flashing ROMs and all the other jargon like ADB & SDK to some may seem like an absolute minefield. A warranty voiding, potentially device breaking minefield. But to some it’s a means to an ends, a way of life, the thing to do to your brand new phone.
Cyanogenmod Installer is now available
I used to see Rooting my phone as an essential part of setting it up and as such I got used to all of the different programs and things my PC needed to be able to achieve the task. Newcomers have a tough time of it though with quite a steep learning curve, the Cyanogenmod team have created two tools to help, they’ve got a PC program that does all of the hard work and they’ve got a companion Android app that talks you through what to do on the device. The final outcome will be you and your newly flashed, Cyanogenmod phone, which in theory should only take a few clicks to install.

It almost sounds foolproof! Well I’m going to test it soon when they add Nexus 5 compatibility and we shall see.

If you’re interested head over to the Cyanogenmod Installer page here for a list if supported devices and some FAQS.

It’s still a risky task though, things might go wrong, if they do it’s basically your fault. Read this disclaimer here before you do anything rash.

Play Store Link – Cyanogenmod Installer
Windows Program – Windows Installer