Vodafone want you to feature in the movies

Well, almost. Orange / EE customers have long enjoyed the “Orange Wednesdays” promotion, which gives their customers 2 for 1 entry to films. Now Vodafone are getting in on the act too, giving their Pay as you go customers £10 to spend at the cinema every month for a whole year.

It’s a Christmas promotion and, to qualify, you need to buy a smartphone. They’re not too expensive though, and start from £50. Once you’ve done that you’ll also need to spend £20 or more on a “Freedom Freebee”. Then you’ll receive a “Freebee Rewardz Cinema Pass” worth £120. You can use the cash to buy anything from selected cinemas, including tickets or popcorn.

The pass is divided up into £10 instalments, so you can pop down to your local participating cinema and perhaps get yourself a bag of, maybe, 8 or even 9 sweets from the Pick ‘n Mix.

Click on for the nitty gritty, or head to www.vodafone.co.uk/cinema for more.

Well, I think all that calls for this. Come on, I know some of you remember these… 😉

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