iKettle – Making you that extra bit lazy

Come on, get off the sofa. Let’s go for a run. Yeah, sure, it’s cold and raining, but we can do this. We’re gonna feel the burn. We’re gonna flex those muscles! YEAHHHHHH

Oh, OK. Let’s not, let’s just stay in and have a nice cup of tea shall we?

Wait! Why not be even lazier? Why bother getting up to turn the kettle on? Ha! That’s so 2012 dude. How about being able to boil your kettle, just by pressing a button on your phone ?

Now we’re talking. This is the iKettle, and for £99.99 (plus free delivery) you can pre-order the thing now. It can do other clever things too, like asking you if you’d like to turn the kettle on when you get home again.

The iKettle hooks into your home WiFi network it’ll also wake you up and ask if you’d like a hot drink. If you hit “yes” and drop back off the sleep, don’t worry, it’ll keep it warm for you. There’s even a range of settings for different drinks, so you can set the temperature as you see fit.

So, merely by pressing a button on your phone, you get something all hot and steamy happening in the kitchen. Worth every penny.

Ahh… yes, there is the small matter of filling it with water. You’ll still need to do that manually, but we’d advise changing your kettle-filling habits a little and perhaps filling it after making your tea or coffee, then you’ll know it’s ready to go. Have a look how the whole thing works right here.