New hassle-free data SIM providers rock up

New hassle free data SIM providers rock up

Data. You want it. You want it right now. You want big, fat, sweaty piles of data and as quick as possible. You filthy, filthy monkey. You disgust me.

How’s 99p per GB sound? That sound good? Huh? Got yourself a cheap enough deal there? How about a free SIM? No long contracts? A nice big speedy 3G+ network with an average 21mbps speed? How’s that sounding huh? Huh?

Sorry.. I think I turned into Stewie from Family Guy for a moment there. The company doing all this data delivery is MobiData. They’re offering a free SIM with no delivery charge and 100MB of international roaming every month too. The company tell us that..

MobiData is available with 1GB, 5GB or 10GB mobile broadband packages on 1 or 3 month rolling contracts (starting from 99p/GB) – and all packages can be cancelled at any time. Customers taking out a 3 month contract before 31st December will also have their broadband package doubled*** at no extra cost, while all new customers will receive 100MB of international roaming data/month absolutely free (worth £15 per month) on activation.

That all sounds OK, but the actual limits on a rolling monthly deal are kinda tight. They will, however, alert you at 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly plan to keep you on track. It’s perhaps an option if you want a quick fix and a set amount of data for an iPad or tablet, and worth considering to include as a present this festive season.

Pricing is below, and full details are below that. Let us know what you think or head over to MobiData for more details.

New hassle free data SIM providers rock up

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