EE switch on 300Mbps LTE-A Network

Back at a recent brief for EE the company said they will be trialling the worlds fastest LTE service offering speeds of 300Mbps using LTE-A (LTE Advanced).

According to The Telegraph it looks like today is that day with the combination of the Double Speed 20Mhz at 1800 and 20Mhz of 2600 purchased in the 4G auction

Although the network may have launched today, it is only in a selected area of London for testing, selected companies have been chosen to try it out before a full commercial launch in 2014, however the network is live.

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Anyone wanting to get these speeds will need a new device using Cat6 LTE, existing Cat3 will run up to 100Mbps and Cat4 runs to 150Mbps but due to the commercial rollout not being until 2014 you wont be able to buy a device yet.

However it is great to see EE not slowing down with their network innovation and 2014 could be a very exciting year

Here is what was posted by the Telegraph

EE switch on 300Mbps LTE A Network

Mobile network company EE is switching on the fastest 4G mobile network in the world today in London.

The network, which can reach speeds of 300Mbps, will initially cover East London’s Tech City, and will be rolled out across London throughout 2014.

Companies in the East London area will be selected to become exclusive EE partners, enabling them to experience the service before it becomes commercially available when compatible devices launch from mid-2014.

The new network innovation, which has a theoretical maximum speed of 300Mbps, is enabled by carrier aggregation – bringing together 20MHz of 1800MHz spectrum and 20MHz of 2.6GHz spectrum.

The EE selected user programme will launch using a CAT6 Huawei router – the first device of its kind in the world.

Source: The Telegraph