Otterbox Clearly Protected for the LG G2 – Review

Otterbox Clearly Protected for the LG G2   Review

Believe it or not there are people out there who don’t like to encase their phone in a huge great double layer case or even a tiny thin “barely there” style case. They must thrive on the potential damage that there phone may suffer during the day.

For these people Otterbox have released something called “Clearly Protected” and it’s a box full of what seems to be screen protector material strips. Two big ones in total, the idea being that you apply one to the screen, one to the backplate and this one wraps around each of the sides.


I’m normally rubbish at applying things like this, always falling foul to an errant piece of dust in the air. That one piece of dust then mocks me from beneath it’s new plasticy enclosure, after a few days I rip the thing off and carry on without using a protector.

This time I even went so far as to boil a kettle and apply the protectors right next to the kettle. The idea being that the moisture would remove any dust floating around in the air.

In Use

Putting a screen protector on tends to reduce sensitivity, encourage fingerprints and in my case normally ends up with air bubbles and dust trapped beneath the film. This time I had no dust traumas, as the kettle had probably done the trick and any air pockets were soon smooth out. Once I had the front and back layers on the LG G2 felt a little different, obviously with a protective layer of plastic around it things are going to feel different. The edges also felt a little harsh, I imagine that they’ll lose their edge over time.


The clearly protected film for the LG G2 is for those people out there that don’t want to use a case on their phone yet they still worry about scratching the screen or the back panel. I can imagine that in six months the edge details might not be as well stuck down as they are today, but at least the screen and the back won’t be scratched up.

The Otterbox Clearly Protected for the LG G2 will soon be available on the Otterbox UK website.