The O2 dog goes barking mad… for 4G

The O2 dog goes barking mad... for 4G
As you know, I’m a professional and well regarded blogger / reporter. The people from The Telegraph come to me when they want advice on how to cover the news y’know.

However, I do also love things that are a bit bonkers and “out there”. This then, is why I like the new O2 4G advert. If you live in Glasgow, London, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool, Sheffield or Nottingham then yes – you can get that 4G power from O2. The latest advert promotes the new super-fast network and it’s.. just… nuts… I think they’re trying to get around the fact that no-one is really sure if they actually need 4G. If you throw some insanity in their face, they’re gonna want some of whatever is being sold. It left me wanting dog biscuits. Not for a dog. For me. I want to eat dog biscuits. That’s weird.

By the way, that tune in the background is Donna Summer with “I Feel Love”. That’s from 1977 people. 1977. Way, way ahead of its’ time. If you want the full thing, here’s the ever-so-slightly-tweaked Danny Howells Mix, which is just brilliant..

See? Slick and professional, that’s me. Now, where’s those dog biscuits?

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