Giffgaff to launch 4G in March 2014

Giffgaff to launch 4G in March 2014

Giffgaff have announce the timing of its first phase of switch-on for its share of the 4G network. It basically goes like this:

  • There will be several consultations between the MVNO and its customers so that they will be supported appropriately if they choose to make the switchover to a 4G handset.
  • Next there will be a new handset store for 4G ready phones.
  • Switch-on will then commence in next March, completing by the end of the month

This is all very grand, but Giffgaff is just piggy-backing off O2’s network so I would imagine it’s got more to do with what O2 are letting it do and to what timescale. However, it is good to see that, true to their strapline, there is customer consultation going on, and a new phone store is just what the doctor ordered.

To see the full announcement give the big blue button a click, I dare ya!

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